Hand-made bespoke Pottery and Ceramics

creating my own glazes from rocks, to imprinting palm fronds onto my pieces

I find my inspiration in the

beauty of nature

I spent most of my life experimenting in various art forms: painting, poetry, gypsum sculpture, and even martial arts; but none of these seemed to fill the void in my heart, I wondered if I would ever find my artistic language. Then, in a small fair in Abu Dhabi, I met a Malaysian man who invited me on the potter's wheel. In that moment,

I knew that this was what I had always been looking for, my whole life. That was where my love affair with clay began and it has been a beautiful adventure ever since.

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What our

clients say

  • Homa is a magician ! She fixed a very intricate and delicate statue that was gifted to me by my father. The piece had a lot of sentimental value and I was devastated when it broke after my son kicked a football and caused it to fall and break. Homa said she would try her best to put it back together but her work was beyond my expectation .... so neat and tidy. I cannot thank her enough!!!
    Niki Samnani,
  • We don't know how you did it, but it looks really really amazing!!! Thank you very much
    Hessam Rehmanian,
  • Excellent teaching. To learn pottery properly you must come here.
    Tanya Gagnon,
  • A great place to learn how to make pots in a friendly professional atmosphere
    Claire Wyness,
  • I went to a two hour session with two friends and we had a lovely time! We each created two pieces with great guidance from the staff and owner. I look forward to going back again!
    Derek Keenan,
  • We had a great evening learning clay techniques and kiln management. Thank you for a wonderful experience and we'll be back soon.
    Derek Keenan,
  • Hello Homa. Thanks for a wonderful day / workshop. I've learned a lot and enjoyed it a lot. Excited about tomorrow workshop.
    Adrian ,
  • Great place to learn basics of pottery, as well as advanced techniques
    Tercia Arambam,
  • Thank you for an amazing Masterclass and for your patience with us and answering all of the questions.
    Adriaan du Plessis,
  • It has been a pleasure knowing and working with the exceptional Homa Farley. She is one of the most dedicated and passionate artists and teachers we know of. Her ceramic restorations are so precise and fantastic that they breath a new life into objects.
    Ramin, Rokni, Hessam,

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