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Homa Farley was born in Tehran, Iran. As a teenager she decided to move to the UK to study English. She originally wanted to be a poet. After meeting her husband Michael in Iran, she got married. She has two children; Neusha and Peter. Homa didn’t take up pottery until after her children were born. After a brief encounter with a potter’s wheel at a market in 1990, Homa signed up for summer school at South Nottingham College and Carrington Pottery.

Homa decided to study Ceramic Design at The Glasgow School of Art and graduated with a BA. Her tutors included Archie McCall, Bill Brown, Jane Hamlyn, John McGuire, Tony Franks, Greg Daly and Ken Eastman. Farley spent time in Japan in 2002, where her style and taste in ceramics changed. Farley is also a keen martial artists she received her 1st dan black belt under the guidance of Master Kang Kyo Sik, followed by 2nd and 3rd dan black belts and then in 2013 was awarded a 4th dan honorary black belt. She was teaching martial arts in various countries in the Middle East, where she lived. Homa was the first woman to receive a black belt in Hapkido Hoi Jeon Moo Sol in the Middle East.

In November 1994, she founded The Abu Dhabi Pottery Establishment which was opened by HRH Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Saeed Al Nahyan. The Abu Dhabi Pottery was opened as a center to teach the Art of Pottery to all ages, interest levels, etc. as well as have a gallery to display original pieces created by Homa.

In 2000, Farley was invited to hold a solo exhibition of her work in the Abigneh Glassware Museum, in Tehran. Following her exhibition, two of Farley's pieces were placed on permanent display at this museum.

In Aug 2012, Farley became the only contemporary artist to have her work displayed in the National Museum of Iran (Iran Bastan) after researching and recreating an intricate, 4,000 year old pot.

Homa is working in the United Arab Emirates. She was born in Tehran and left Iran for the UK as a teenager in order to study English. She has since lived in various countries around the world. Her influences have come from ancient Middle Eastern pottery and ceramics and training with international potters in Japan and the UK. Passionate about working with clay, she specialises in mainly thrown Stoneware pieces. Homa started pottery over 20 years ago and founded the Abu Dhabi Pottery in 1994. She has been taught under the instruction of Oliver De Silva, Judy Firmin, Richard Phethean, Jack Doherty, Margaret and David Frith and Tetsui Okuda in Japan.

Homa graduated with a BA Ceramic Design degree at Glasgow School of Art in the UK, where the tutors included: Archie McCall, Bill Brown, Jane Hamlyn, John McGuire, Tony Franks, Greg Daly and Ken Eastman.

Homa has taken part in various exhibitions throughout the Emirates and internationally. Following her solo exhibition in 2000, at the Aubgineh & Sofalineh Museum (The National Pottery & Glass Museum) in Tehran, two of her pots were placed on permanent display (she is the only contemporary potter to have the honour of having a permanent exhibit there). Her work has also been exhibited at the Saadabad Palace Gallery and Nivaran Palace Gallery in Tehran.

Homa was a prize winner in the 1990 Student’s exhibition at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation, and was winner of the Judges Award (1st prize) at the 2003 Dubai International Art Centre Member’s Exhibition. Homa won the Professional Achievement Award 1st prize at Dubai International Art Centre Members Exhibition in 2008.

In 2006, Homa was appointed as a member of the Arts Advisory Committee for the Dubai Community Theater and Art Centre (DUCTAC).

Homa is also a keen Martial Artist and Instructor in the Korean Martial Art of Sil Jeon Moo. She was awarded a 4th Dan Honorary black belt in March 2013.

Homa also holds a 3rd Dan black belt in Hoi Jeon Moo Sool. ​


  • Permanent Display of my work at The Tehran National Museum and the Abgineh Museum (Glass and Pottery museum)
  • Prize winner in the 1990 Student's exhibition at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation
  • Judges Award (1st prize) at the 2003 Dubai International Art Centre Member's Exhibition.
  • Professional Achievement Award 1st prize at Dubai International Art Centre Members Exhibition in 2008.
  • 4th Dan Honorary black belt in March 2013.


  • August 2012 Permanent exhibit in the Iran Bastan National Museum, Tehran.
  • March 2012 'Kaleidoscope' exhibition of ceramics by Farley and her students, at the Hilton Dubai Creek Hotel.[9]
  • February 2012 Artscape of World Cultures at Manarat Al Saadiyat.
  • 2011 Teacher's exhibition at the gallery 76, DIAC, Dubai
  • 2010 "Textures" Dubai International Art Centre, Gallery 76.
  • 2008 Dubai International Art Centre, 53rd Members' Exhibition – Winner of the Professional Achievement Award 1st Prize.
  • 2007 "Clay Works" Exhibition at the Gallery of Light Ductac.
  • 2007 "Mosaic" Invited Artist for annual exhibition at Sharjah Higher College of Technology.
  • 2006 "Damavand" Solo Exhibition held at the Dubai Ladies Club.
  • 2004 Dubai Ladies' Club: Art and Talent Centre’s Teacher’s Exhibition, Dubai.
  • 2004 Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation Major Exhibition of Teachers and Students work for Abu Dhabi Pottery
  • 2003 Dubai International Art Centre 48th Members’ Exhibition (Winner of Judge’s Award −1st prize).
  • 2002 Exhibition at the Saadabat Palace Gallery, Tehran.
  • 2001 Exhibition for the day of women at the Aubgineh Museum, Tehran.
  • 2000 Solo Exhibition Aubgineh Museum (Pottery & Glass Museum of Tehran)
  • 1999 Exhibited at the Majlis Gallery.
  • 1997, 1996, 1995, and 1994 Art and Craft exhibitions held at the Abu Dhabi Hilton Hotel.
  • 1995 Art Exhibition at the Dubai International Art Centre.
  • 1990 Student’s Art Exhibition held at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation (Prize Winner).


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I find my inspiration in the beauty of nature, using anything and everything I find to interpret into my work, from creating my own glazes from rocks, to imprinting palm fronds onto my pieces.